Eurasia Motors

Mercury F5hp LPG

Mercury proudly presents its first liquefied gas outboard engine. The new four-stroke innovative Mercury F5hp LPG propane engine with lower emissions, with steady start-up and good running characteristics, is an interesting alternative to traditional petrol outboard engines.

Engine’s main features:

  • Standard models and Sail Power
  • Powered by conventional propane
  • Eco-friendly. Emission level is 30% lower than gasoline counterparts
  • Automatic shut-off valve is installed on the motor for safety
  • Lightweight and compact. Weight from 27 kg
  • Shaft length: 15 ”, 20” and 25 ”

Why propane? The fact is that propane, unlike gasoline, has a number of distinctive advantages:

  • Propane is a safe fuel that does not degrade, does not spill and does not contain alcohol
  • Propane provides the engine with easy starting, as it does not require contamination and deposition in the carburetor and does not require pre-start pumping
  • Propane is environmentally friendly fuel, 56% less CO, 30% less HC + NOx, 15% less CO²
  • Propane bottle can also be used for cooking and heating

The Mercury company announced that the production of this model will begin in April 2019, and will be available in our country in July 2019.